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real life crap

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wow, what a drastic change between yesterday and today! yesterday, i was in a good mood and today, i really dont feel like conversing with anyone let alone look at anyone. it’s not because someone made me mad, it’s because i’m sooo freakin’ exausted….even during practice, i couldnt play my clarinet any louder than how loud i can whistle (which isnt very loud…)  ugh im just in a very BAD mood right now!!!! ugh! you dont understand!!

yeah, be careful..i'm coming, and i'm not in a good mood doing it either...

 and i feel that everyone else knows i’m in a bad mood and they wanna just test it!!!! anyways..

my person of the day is………the girl who helped me study in AP psychology today…yup… ok bye


happy for the gloom

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NOTE: i typed this on 9/29/10 but posting it AND finishing it on 9/30/10

it’s dark and sad outside but why would i mind? is it because i had to march in it for 3hours? no….i still love it…when it rains i always feel it’s mother nature crying. the thunder is her stomping, the lightening; her screams…. er..something of that nature…anywho. i finally turned in the book to the library today. it wasnt fun, mostly because it’s my favorite book…tomorrow is the test that i’ve been studying for forever. hopefully i pass with an A! person of the day is…yolanda t. for being sooo freakin’ funny and awesome all at the same time!!! ok well see ya…

just for fun..i guess

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i havent had a youtube video on here in forever so here you go….i love this song. but then again, i love a lot of songs!!

oh yeah, i almost forgot…

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*whew!!* ok where was i?? oh yeah nowhere! ha ha! i’ve had soo much work this past few weeks that i havent been able to post any flippin’ posts… so here i am with a few minutes to just sit at the computer and do my thang and i choose to do it here on wordpress. so far i’ve taken many tests, gone college searching, finished a project, went to a festival, saw a new/old movie (new to me, old to the rest of the world ha ha), and learned A LOT of stuff!! oh yeah and got a henna tattoo!(i dont like it very much though…) Anyways.

hooray for hollywood! just a picture i felt like has nothing to do with anything (a bit of an oxymoron....just sayin')

(ugh i lost my train of freakin’ thought!) ummmmm well……since i dont remember what i was going to type, then i’ll just say the person of the day is!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! mother nature!!!! for making it rain today!!


ok gents and germs it’s time to get out of here! i’ve got nothing left to type and you’ve got a life to live…see ya!


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Anyways….i’ve nothing to type but for some strange reason i still want to do it….. today was a _________ day because it wasnt bad but it wasnt good either… so yeah…i still keep getting nervous about the whole club thing because i always want to 2nd guess an idea of mine. just thinking about it makes me nervous but yeah i think the reason i’m lacking any enthusiam is because of how freakin’ tired i am!!! i just want to SLEEP!!!! holy crap i’m CRAZY TI(RED) and i still have to do my stupid homework and yes, i tagged that on purpose….even though i’m tired, i think i’m doing extremely well in my classses and stuff of that nature! so yeah

ok my person of the day is……….that amazing guy who’s in sociology class! he’s cool for just being him and being extremely good at it…anywho…bye!

endangered species?!!?

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Animation of a sewing machine

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NOTE: I typed this on 9/11/10 but it’s been published 9/12/10 (just so you know)

ok well i woke up this morning to a gloomy day but whatever, thats how the weather rolls….and it’s luckily turning fall again! yay! it’s been super hot for too long. what i really wish is for it to be spring and fall the whole year…all the other seasons are too extreme for me expecially winter! i HATE winter. today when i went  to walmart i realized just how much of a dying breed sewers are! i was looking for sewing stuff and there’s not even a full isle dedicated to it! it’s only the right side of the isle…thats it! yeah it’s extrememly sad but i feel unique knowing that only soo many people have the same hobby as me! hooray to those keeping good dying breeds laying in their death beds!! it’s better than laying in a grave naw-mean!?! ha ha! it’s really weird because people MY age really dont sew at all! so i feel SUPER special…ok i’m done with the specialness….

do you know what an amazing channel is? boomerang! its amazing i swear! no one needs to be-otch about how they miss all the good cartoon network shows because, luckily, there’s boomerang that shows them all the time, and at a reasonable time (none of that 4:00am crap!!) ha ha! anyways.

well here we go…. it’s time to find out who the person of the day is! natalie g.!! because she’s just as awesome as she was many many years ago!!! and am i the only one who feels that their being timed while making a new post? i dont know… i feel that if i dont do it fast, i’ll run out of time ha ha yeah it’s weird… ok cya

 (p.s. dont you just LOVE the visual i posted along with this?!?!? it’s MOVING!!!!)

i’m a loser baby, so why dont you kill me?

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Beck performing at Yahoo! Hack Day (09/29/2006)

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well i’ve known about Beck for a long time but i’m just now actually listening to his music and he is soooo cool! i like him and yeah ha ha! as you see i’m in a good mood! because i spent most of the morining alone AND tis and extrememly nice day out today! amazing! did you know that it’s a very very mad world? cause it is! i love how beck has different types of music going on with him! one song he’s rapping, the next he’s singing, then it’s slow and sweet, then the next song is pop-ish. i love  it! he’s unique….

 i think that it’s easier for me to write than to type. i’m more focused when writing i think…oh yeah so today i was watching this amazing movie called dead men dont wear plaid holy crap it was awesome! i love steve martin though so i had a better chance at liking it than a person who doesnt care for him would. anywho.i think that my brothers gonna be the person of the day because…i dont know he’s being cool.. and i havent really talked to anyone else today ha ha! well i’m gonna go see if my friend can hang today see ya!!