day in the life

Gogol Bordello, Eugene Hütz

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well tired was how i started the day and i cant take it back! the first thing i said to my father was “yes?!” then “happy birthday!” yup! it’s my fajah’s birthday and he’s lovin’ it! oh yes and today was also the first day that i fell asleep in class this year which isnt a surprise cause it was the 5th day of school…. anywho…i checked out my most favorite book of all time at the library and even though it’s a amazing, it’s terribly melancholy! but thats kinda what i love about it !…yeah but practice was cancelled because mr.N got sick so yeah…today wasnt that bad of a day except for the “heavy boots” my book gave me! ha ha! ok ok thats enough..

my person of the day today is john chap.! why? well because he told me it was like fav. band week! *wink*gogol bordello*wink* ok well thats it see ya!

P.S. notice eugene’s shirt!!!! SAMMY DAVIS JUNIOR JUNIOR!!!


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