this is what i’ve been seeing…

even though summer’s been over for two weeks now, it just doesnt seem to phase me! i know it’s school but the feeling’s just not sinking in…strange! ok well not a lot is going on. Everything=whatever but it’s kind of a good thing, strangely enough. i really want to work on my writting skeowls(skills). i just want to be good at something that isn’t playing clarinet which i’m not perfect at anyways! yeah but there are soo many things i want to accomplish but it takes time and effort and blah blah blah! i think it’s a good thing to feel comfortable with school..even though when i’m there i feel kind of awkward, i dont feel as bad about it.  the only effect on me from school is, of course, drowsiness! holy crap am i tired!!! i feel like a zombie or something

…i’m done typing,i’ve got too much work to do! oh yeah and my person of the day….it’s ashanti m. for just being him! yeah majority of people find him annoying but not me!


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