is it THAT serious?!

yeah the only good picture i could find...did you know that i had a good day today?! strange!

i’m not trying to diss anybody but why do people get super mad when they dont like a genre of music?! i can see if it’s a specific song or artist, but the genre!? it’s just a genre! obviously someone likes it, or else it wouldnt exist in the first place, and the fact that you hate it with a passion is kinda stupid! like country music…a lot of people are like “i like all types of music…..except country!! oh my god, i HATE country!!!” and i’m all like..”..calm down, you sound like a jack*ss!” if you dont like it then dont listen to it! no one wants to here you bee-otch about it! anyways.

there are so many things i want to learn and start and remember! why did this all start happening the 2nd week of school!? i dont want to over work myself, because..i dont know! it’s not good for me! ha ha…but i want to do it all…i’ve grown accustomed to sitting here infront of the monitor…blankly staring at it like a life-less robot or something…all the emotion is on the inside and all the tired is on the out! and i found it to be true today that sometimes there really arent enough hours in the day! wow, is it really almost twelve?!? it feels like it but then again it doesnt because my carcadian rythm is all skrewed up!

well i’ve got a person of the day….it’s……joy! for being such an amazing person and probably not realizing! i remember a long time ago, i used to wonder why or even how i became her friend but i understand now! she’s sooo nice! and i miss being in her class…in fact, i miss being in band all together! i truly am missing a peice of me when i’m not in it! today during the game i was standing on the side-lines of the field with the rest of the marching band before halftime and i saw in the stands a giant gap of where we play and i realized that the crowd is missing something… US! even if they dont like us there will always be the fact that if we’re not there….there will be a gap (metaphorically AND literaly speaking) i like that feeling! i feel like i’m apart of something that everyones in on but doesnt realize!

ok i’m done talking! but notice how i’ve had soo much to say today! i think it’s because of my most fav. book! actually, everytime i read jonathan safran foer, i think more! his books make me think…in a good way because it’s different in a good way…


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