trapped in the present

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

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i’m so bored with EVERYTHING! nothing is amazing anymore!i just want to go try something different, something that will cure me of my misfortune! but i cant because i’m TRAPPED in the present! why cant i just go to the future for a week or so…..i dont know what i’m saying… right now i’m just ready for dinner! did you know that it takes your stomache 20mins. to tell you’re brain that you’re full!? I knew i was a slow eater for a good reason.

today i took three test..did i pass them? well i dont know! but i tried my best and apparently that counts…i’m sorry…i’m just soooooooo FREKIN’ HUNGRY it’s not even funny, like fo-rizzle! i can barely even focus on what i’m typing but i do know that i’m typing something…in the book i’m reading, thomas(oskar’s grandpa) is telling the story of his life with anna’s sister (oskar’s grandma) and how she wrote her whole lifes story, describing everything and everyone she could remember which was A LOT and it turned out to be probably a thousand pages!…..but they were all blank… interesting, no?! oh looky!!! dinners ready!!! YAAAYYYY!!!  i gotta go but one more thing…

my person of the day is………quinn h.!!! my wife! ha ha she’s not really my wife, it’s one of those stupid jokes people go along with in highschool….anywho, she’s the person of the day because she gave me a brownie at lunch today..yummmmm ok cya gotat go eat some FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!


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