i’m a loser baby, so why dont you kill me?

Beck performing at Yahoo! Hack Day (09/29/2006)

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well i’ve known about Beck for a long time but i’m just now actually listening to his music and he is soooo cool! i like him and yeah ha ha! as you see i’m in a good mood! because i spent most of the morining alone AND tis and extrememly nice day out today! amazing! did you know that it’s a very very mad world? cause it is! i love how beck has different types of music going on with him! one song he’s rapping, the next he’s singing, then it’s slow and sweet, then the next song is pop-ish. i love  it! he’s unique….

 i think that it’s easier for me to write than to type. i’m more focused when writing i think…oh yeah so today i was watching this amazing movie called dead men dont wear plaid holy crap it was awesome! i love steve martin though so i had a better chance at liking it than a person who doesnt care for him would. anywho.i think that my brothers gonna be the person of the day because…i dont know he’s being cool.. and i havent really talked to anyone else today ha ha! well i’m gonna go see if my friend can hang today see ya!!


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