Anyways….i’ve nothing to type but for some strange reason i still want to do it….. today was a _________ day because it wasnt bad but it wasnt good either… so yeah…i still keep getting nervous about the whole club thing because i always want to 2nd guess an idea of mine. just thinking about it makes me nervous but yeah i think the reason i’m lacking any enthusiam is because of how freakin’ tired i am!!! i just want to SLEEP!!!! holy crap i’m CRAZY TI(RED) and i still have to do my stupid homework and yes, i tagged that on purpose….even though i’m tired, i think i’m doing extremely well in my classses and stuff of that nature! so yeah

ok my person of the day is……….that amazing guy who’s in sociology class! he’s cool for just being him and being extremely good at it…anywho…bye!


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