oh yeah, i almost forgot…

*whew!!* ok where was i?? oh yeah nowhere! ha ha! i’ve had soo much work this past few weeks that i havent been able to post any flippin’ posts… so here i am with a few minutes to just sit at the computer and do my thang and i choose to do it here on wordpress. so far i’ve taken many tests, gone college searching, finished a project, went to a festival, saw a new/old movie (new to me, old to the rest of the world ha ha), and learned A LOT of stuff!! oh yeah and got a henna tattoo!(i dont like it very much though…) Anyways.

hooray for hollywood! just a picture i felt like posting...it has nothing to do with anything (a bit of an oxymoron....just sayin')

(ugh i lost my train of freakin’ thought!) ummmmm well……since i dont remember what i was going to type, then i’ll just say the person of the day is!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! mother nature!!!! for making it rain today!!


ok gents and germs it’s time to get out of here! i’ve got nothing left to type and you’ve got a life to live…see ya!


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