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what’s amazing?

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here’s a tip…get a thesaurus…it’s soo much fun using different words then what you’re used to! anywho. there’s soo many things to talk about…and i mean SOOOOO MANY!!! but the wide variety is too overwhelming for me to

aw yeah...i think it's business time! (my small acknowlegement to one of my fav. music artist)

 get too into anything! naw-mean!?!?! yeah but i dont know. i’ve just been living my life and it’s been soooo…i dont know the word to explain it haha! it’s been unexplainable..i guess..hahaha yeah! “i’m walkin’ on a broken roof while lookin’ at the sky” THATS how risky my life is!!! just kidding! i wonder which is easier… learning french or spanish…HMMM?!?!?!?! ok ok i’m done talking of nothing in particular…. i just felt like slightly thinking outloud….well i’ve gotta go BUT (i almost forgot) i’ve got a person of the day!!!! it is……jason f. for having mad SKEOWLZ (skills) ok cya!


im gonna tell you anyways!

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because i’m in a pretty good flippin’ mood! so not only is today john lennon’s 70th birthday (which wasnt waht made me happy but it does make me smile!) but it’s also the day of the marching bands pizza party(hopefully NOT domino’s)…and it’s also recruitment night. tomorrow, i’m going to scarowinds with some friends AND i’m working the panthers game on sunday…THEN next saturday is my date with awesomness

anywho. i’ve gotta get ready for the game but i cant leave without telling you my person of the day! it isssssssssssss…………….mr.carp! for being kinda strange and completely NOT realizing it!!!!!!!!

when the abnormal becomes…well…normal!

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Fall Foliage

Image by Tim Tyson via Flickr

*yawn!* what a long day!!!! i’m sooooo tired but..thats normal. what isnt normal is that feeling of knowing that people are looking at you as you walk down the hallway….or even knowing that people didnt want to start talking to you until you started dating someone (which kind of makes me a bit mad…) anywho. it’s almost been a full week and having someone to spend it with is starting to become the norm!! i’m so used to just worrying about myself but now i care about if jeremy’s ok and hope he makes it to class on time…which i dont mind he’s really a cool guy! i really dont like the fact that everyone’s freaking out over us’s really annoying…and i hope tomorrow at practice things wont get too crazy!!

 ok well time to say the person of the day which is……kat v.! for just being real nice today!! usually she’s got a hint of bitter but today she was cool!

oh yeah and hope you like fall because it’s here whether you do or dont!

it was bound to happen sometime!

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have you ever had a friend who you really liked but was scared they didnt like you back? well i have! yesterday was the marching bands first competition of the season…..if only we did better!! everyone  admitted to messing uo big time in one of the 4 songs we performed…. well after we finally got back to school at like 9:40 i was sitting outside with a few friends talking and jeremy (the friend i like) came up and joined the conversation…next thing i know he asked me out and i’ve never been happier!!! anywho.

i just wanted to let you know what was up! well today JUST started so i dont exactly have a person of the day but i will say who the person of yesterday was! and no it’s not jeremy! its…………….jasmine s. for being the best section leader EVA! ok well see ya!