when the abnormal becomes…well…normal!

Fall Foliage

Image by Tim Tyson via Flickr

*yawn!* what a long day!!!! i’m sooooo tired but..thats normal. what isnt normal is that feeling of knowing that people are looking at you as you walk down the hallway….or even knowing that people didnt want to start talking to you until you started dating someone (which kind of makes me a bit mad…) anywho. it’s almost been a full week and having someone to spend it with is starting to become the norm!! i’m so used to just worrying about myself but now i care about if jeremy’s ok and hope he makes it to class on time…which i dont mind he’s really a cool guy! i really dont like the fact that everyone’s freaking out over us though..it’s really annoying…and i hope tomorrow at practice things wont get too crazy!!

 ok well time to say the person of the day which is……kat v.! for just being real nice today!! usually she’s got a hint of bitter but today she was cool!

oh yeah and hope you like fall because it’s here whether you do or dont!


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