barely smiling

hooray! my life is slowly deteriorating once more….. what a b-tch…. im in a class stuck sitting near two druggies which would on anyother term be interesting to me if the druggies werent these two particular people!!! >:/ its bad enough i dont like the subject but now im stuck in a poisoned and infected puddle of  crap…. but besides that, i’ve gotta work obsessed english teacher and a spanish teacher that im still keeping my eye on for any strange crying fits….. another problem (since im stuck on bitchy mode) is the fact that those fruit cups at lunch make me feel sick, its too cold for comfort outside, im feeling a light hint of guilt, and i have a like/(and mostly) hate relationship with facebook…yessssss thats not all but i’m done with that…..

im feeling that i should type this as if i never stopped doing my blog for over 2 months….. im gonna keep writing as if its just another day for “blogging” (dont like that word) because reunions only waist time, sometimes, and most of the time…. just sayin’! but dont let my insignificant rant bring you down (which i doubt has or even could happen) lemme’ tell you a joke!:

so im sitting at a restaurant with some people and a man comes up to me with pure amazement on his face and he asks “oh my god! how did you manage to get a monkey in such a fancy restaurant!?!” and so i say to him “thats no monkey!!!!!!!!! thats my brother!!!!!!”

eh…. yeah its funny if youre in a good enough mood…. ok ok…. even though it truly has been a while, i will put a person of the day… and it issssssssssssssssssss…… robby w.! for just having a good conversation with me today… idk lol ok adios!


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