when the strange meets normalcy

*don't hate* haha!

ok ok here we go… its tuesday and im pretty sure im having a good day. i mean, it really couldve gone worse. today is one of those days that wont stay in my memory when im older. i know this because, i’ve forgotten majority of my day already and i’m still living it!

i know this is kind of weird but ive planned out what questions i’d ask Leonardo Dicaprio if i ever met him or something… yes its a weird thing to plan, but it was just something to think about! and besides, putting this in the post gave me reason to put up a picture of him! yeah…

but besides that, im excited for prom even though i know i shouldnt get my hopes up too high, but i really like jeremy and we always have a good time when we hang, its just this time i’ll be all dolled up and pretty-fied and he’ll be all dressed up and hansom-fied! haha!

any who… i think i know what college i def. want to go to, the problem is… they have high ass standards and prices… and im sure im either average or .1% bellow.. er maybe a little more *sigh* i hate how hard it is to really do what you  want! luckily today, ive been working and really getting things done like forreally! oh yeah and i got a 90% on my A.P. psych test!!!! im just getting better and better!

and on another note, ive been really getting a bit brave with my clothing choices. this literally means no jackets and more sandals… i know, it’s sad… but im taking baby steps so give me some time! ok lemme stop rambling and tell you my person of the day! and it iiiiissssss…. Aubrey b.! because i didnt get annoyed of you today lol just kidding! ok see ya


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