I’m just going to let YOU know… If you’re even out there…


Just so anybody who’s reading this is aware, I’ve had this blog since around the summer of 2010 and not once did I ever get a comment or anything… After maybe the first 2 months of having this blog, I like gave up on it, and only posted when I felt like it and the posts were random and whatever I felt at the moment because I knew no one was going to ever actually read them.

All of a sudden, yesterday I got an e-mail telling me that someone was following my blog… I was confused as crap. They’re following who!? Then, today I got another follower, then a comment which was very incouraging might I add. Yeah after like 2 years of having a blog I’m actually not as invisible as i thought, who knows, maybe if I actually start taking this blog seriously the title “the unpopular choice” will become a joke as appose to the truth


Besides that…. David tennant was my favorite doctor. I actually stopped watching doctor who when matt smith or whatever his name is became the new doctor…. I just couldn’t get used to him! I don’t even know if i can still call myself a “doctor who nerd” anymore because I’ve stopped watching it. I guess you can call me a “being human nerd” now because I’m totally obsessed!!!!! I saw all 3 seasons on netflix and I can’t wait ’till the 4th season comes out which is EXTREMELY soon!


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