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I’m just going to let YOU know… If you’re even out there…

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Just so anybody who’s reading this is aware, I’ve had this blog since around the summer of 2010 and not once did I ever get a comment or anything… After maybe the first 2 months of having this blog, I like gave up on it, and only posted when I felt like it and the posts were random and whatever I felt at the moment because I knew no one was going to ever actually read them.

All of a sudden, yesterday I got an e-mail telling me that someone was following my blog… I was confused as crap. They’re following who!? Then, today I got another follower, then a comment which was very incouraging might I add. Yeah after like 2 years of having a blog I’m actually not as invisible as i thought, who knows, maybe if I actually start taking this blog seriously the title “the unpopular choice” will become a joke as appose to the truth


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when the strange meets normalcy

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*don't hate* haha!

ok ok here we go… its tuesday and im pretty sure im having a good day. i mean, it really couldve gone worse. today is one of those days that wont stay in my memory when im older. i know this because, i’ve forgotten majority of my day already and i’m still living it!

i know this is kind of weird but ive planned out what questions i’d ask Leonardo Dicaprio if i ever met him or something… yes its a weird thing to plan, but it was just something to think about! and besides, putting this in the post gave me reason to put up a picture of him! yeah…

but besides that, im excited for prom even though i know i shouldnt get my hopes up too high, but i really like jeremy and we always have a good time when we hang, its just this time i’ll be all dolled up and pretty-fied and he’ll be all dressed up and hansom-fied! haha!

any who… i think i know what college i def. want to go to, the problem is… they have high ass standards and prices… and im sure im either average or .1% bellow.. er maybe a little more *sigh* i hate how hard it is to really do what you  want! luckily today, ive been working and really getting things done like forreally! oh yeah and i got a 90% on my A.P. psych test!!!! im just getting better and better!

and on another note, ive been really getting a bit brave with my clothing choices. this literally means no jackets and more sandals… i know, it’s sad… but im taking baby steps so give me some time! ok lemme stop rambling and tell you my person of the day! and it iiiiissssss…. Aubrey b.! because i didnt get annoyed of you today lol just kidding! ok see ya

when the abnormal becomes…well…normal!

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Fall Foliage

Image by Tim Tyson via Flickr

*yawn!* what a long day!!!! i’m sooooo tired but..thats normal. what isnt normal is that feeling of knowing that people are looking at you as you walk down the hallway….or even knowing that people didnt want to start talking to you until you started dating someone (which kind of makes me a bit mad…) anywho. it’s almost been a full week and having someone to spend it with is starting to become the norm!! i’m so used to just worrying about myself but now i care about if jeremy’s ok and hope he makes it to class on time…which i dont mind he’s really a cool guy! i really dont like the fact that everyone’s freaking out over us’s really annoying…and i hope tomorrow at practice things wont get too crazy!!

 ok well time to say the person of the day which is……kat v.! for just being real nice today!! usually she’s got a hint of bitter but today she was cool!

oh yeah and hope you like fall because it’s here whether you do or dont!

it was bound to happen sometime!

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have you ever had a friend who you really liked but was scared they didnt like you back? well i have! yesterday was the marching bands first competition of the season…..if only we did better!! everyone  admitted to messing uo big time in one of the 4 songs we performed…. well after we finally got back to school at like 9:40 i was sitting outside with a few friends talking and jeremy (the friend i like) came up and joined the conversation…next thing i know he asked me out and i’ve never been happier!!! anywho.

i just wanted to let you know what was up! well today JUST started so i dont exactly have a person of the day but i will say who the person of yesterday was! and no it’s not jeremy! its…………….jasmine s. for being the best section leader EVA! ok well see ya!

is it THAT serious?!

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yeah the only good picture i could find...did you know that i had a good day today?! strange!

i’m not trying to diss anybody but why do people get super mad when they dont like a genre of music?! i can see if it’s a specific song or artist, but the genre!? it’s just a genre! obviously someone likes it, or else it wouldnt exist in the first place, and the fact that you hate it with a passion is kinda stupid! like country music…a lot of people are like “i like all types of music…..except country!! oh my god, i HATE country!!!” and i’m all like..”..calm down, you sound like a jack*ss!” if you dont like it then dont listen to it! no one wants to here you bee-otch about it! anyways.

there are so many things i want to learn and start and remember! why did this all start happening the 2nd week of school!? i dont want to over work myself, because..i dont know! it’s not good for me! ha ha…but i want to do it all…i’ve grown accustomed to sitting here infront of the monitor…blankly staring at it like a life-less robot or something…all the emotion is on the inside and all the tired is on the out! and i found it to be true today that sometimes there really arent enough hours in the day! wow, is it really almost twelve?!? it feels like it but then again it doesnt because my carcadian rythm is all skrewed up!

well i’ve got a person of the day….it’s……joy! for being such an amazing person and probably not realizing! i remember a long time ago, i used to wonder why or even how i became her friend but i understand now! she’s sooo nice! and i miss being in her class…in fact, i miss being in band all together! i truly am missing a peice of me when i’m not in it! today during the game i was standing on the side-lines of the field with the rest of the marching band before halftime and i saw in the stands a giant gap of where we play and i realized that the crowd is missing something… US! even if they dont like us there will always be the fact that if we’re not there….there will be a gap (metaphorically AND literaly speaking) i like that feeling! i feel like i’m apart of something that everyones in on but doesnt realize!

ok i’m done talking! but notice how i’ve had soo much to say today! i think it’s because of my most fav. book! actually, everytime i read jonathan safran foer, i think more! his books make me think…in a good way because it’s different in a good way…

day in the life

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Gogol Bordello, Eugene Hütz

Image via Wikipedia

well tired was how i started the day and i cant take it back! the first thing i said to my father was “yes?!” then “happy birthday!” yup! it’s my fajah’s birthday and he’s lovin’ it! oh yes and today was also the first day that i fell asleep in class this year which isnt a surprise cause it was the 5th day of school…. anywho…i checked out my most favorite book of all time at the library and even though it’s a amazing, it’s terribly melancholy! but thats kinda what i love about it !…yeah but practice was cancelled because mr.N got sick so yeah…today wasnt that bad of a day except for the “heavy boots” my book gave me! ha ha! ok ok thats enough..

my person of the day today is john chap.! why? well because he told me it was like fav. band week! *wink*gogol bordello*wink* ok well thats it see ya!

P.S. notice eugene’s shirt!!!! SAMMY DAVIS JUNIOR JUNIOR!!!