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my junior year is OVER in a few more days and i doubt i’ll ever f-ckin’ miss the b-tch! haha! im ready to be a senior and have fun and skip school and be happy…. because trust me…. i wasnt too happy this year…. but besides that… i, right now, am more excited for summer than i am for my senior year! i hope to have jo and most importantly hang with my best friend! she’s also got a money making idea for the summer ūüôā yayayaya im taking exams next week and that following monday and then I’M FREE! well… you know… i dont have much to type but ever since yesterday i’ve had this strange urge to write! it’s strange because i have absolutely nothing to write about…. eh.. i guess it’s just another one of those phases…. well… i’ve gotta do the dishes but before i go, here the quote of the day:

“Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get, but if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen. ”
Conan O’Brien

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i wouldnt of even found this quote if i wasn in such a rush right now!!! i’ve goot go pee! cyaa!

what’s amazing?

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here’s a tip…get a thÔĽŅesaurus…it’s soo much fun using different words then what you’re used to! anywho. there’s soo many things to talk about…and i mean SOOOOO MANY!!! but the wide variety is too¬†overwhelming for me to

aw yeah...i think it's business time! (my small acknowlegement to one of my fav. music artist)

¬†get too into anything! naw-mean!?!?! yeah but i dont know. i’ve just been living my life and it’s been soooo…i dont know the word to explain it haha! it’s been unexplainable..i guess..hahaha yeah! “i’m walkin’ on a broken roof while lookin’ at the sky” THATS how risky my life is!!! just kidding! i wonder which is easier… learning french or spanish…HMMM?!?!?!?! ok ok i’m done talking of nothing in particular…. i just felt like slightly thinking outloud….well i’ve gotta go BUT (i almost forgot) i’ve got a person of the day!!!! it is……jason f. for having mad SKEOWLZ (skills) ok cya!

endangered species?!!?

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Animation of a sewing machine

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NOTE: I typed this on 9/11/10 but it’s been published 9/12/10 (just so you know)

ok well i woke up this morning to a gloomy day but whatever, thats how the weather rolls….and it’s luckily turning fall again! yay! it’s been super hot for too long. what i really wish is for it to be spring and fall the whole year…all the other seasons are too extreme for me expecially winter! i HATE winter. today when i went¬† to walmart i realized just how much of a dying breed sewers are! i was looking for sewing stuff and there’s not even a full isle dedicated to it! it’s only the right side of the isle…thats it! yeah it’s extrememly sad but i feel unique knowing that only soo many people have the same hobby as me! hooray to those keeping good dying breeds laying in their death beds!! it’s better than laying in a grave naw-mean!?! ha ha! it’s really weird because people MY age really dont sew at all! so i feel SUPER special…ok i’m done with the specialness….

do you know what an amazing channel is? boomerang! its amazing i swear! no one needs to be-otch about how¬†they miss all the good cartoon network¬†shows because, luckily, there’s boomerang that shows them all the time, and at a¬†reasonable time (none of that 4:00am crap!!) ha ha! anyways.

well here we go…. it’s time to find out who the person of the day is! natalie g.!! because she’s just as awesome as she was many many years ago!!! and am i the only one who feels that their being timed while making a new post? i dont know… i feel that if i dont do it fast, i’ll run out of time ha ha yeah it’s weird… ok cya

¬†(p.s. dont you just LOVE the visual i posted along with this?!?!? it’s MOVING!!!!)

trapped in the present

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A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

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i’m so bored with EVERYTHING! nothing is amazing anymore!i just want to go try something different, something that will cure me of my misfortune! but i cant because i’m TRAPPED in the present! why cant i just go to the future for a week or so…..i dont know what i’m saying… right now i’m just ready for dinner! did you know that it takes your stomache 20mins. to tell you’re brain that you’re full!? I knew i was a slow eater for a good reason.

today i took three test..did i pass them? well i dont know! but i tried my best and apparently that counts…i’m sorry…i’m just soooooooo FREKIN’ HUNGRY it’s not even funny, like fo-rizzle! i can barely even focus on what i’m typing but i do know that i’m typing something…in the book i’m reading, thomas(oskar’s grandpa) is telling the story of his life with anna’s sister (oskar’s grandma) and how she wrote her whole lifes story, describing everything and everyone she could remember which was A LOT and it turned out to be probably a thousand pages!…..but they were all blank… interesting, no?! oh looky!!! dinners ready!!! YAAAYYYY!!!¬† i gotta go but one more thing…

my person of the day is………quinn h.!!! my wife! ha ha she’s not really my wife, it’s one of those stupid jokes people go along with in highschool….anywho, she’s the person of the day because she gave me a brownie at lunch today..yummmmm ok cya gotat go eat some FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!