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Absolutely nowhere

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You know, some of the strangest things happen out of nowhere.

Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve been taking a writing class and I’ve learned a lot. I’m bringing this up because the semester is almost over and when it ends so will my creative writing class… But yeah, I’m really glad i took that class because I’ve been able to really do things and figure out what it is I’m good at in terms of writing. It doesn’t seem like I’m a writer because of this blog but i really am, I just don’t do it here because I’m Mrs.McLazy but when I’ve got an actual pencil and paper, I go all out. Anywho, what I’m trying to say is, I’m going to miss my creative writing class and all the different sorts of inspiration it provided me with 🙂

Sorry, this post had like NOTHING to do with the first sentence.



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my junior year is OVER in a few more days and i doubt i’ll ever f-ckin’ miss the b-tch! haha! im ready to be a senior and have fun and skip school and be happy…. because trust me…. i wasnt too happy this year…. but besides that… i, right now, am more excited for summer than i am for my senior year! i hope to have jo and most importantly hang with my best friend! she’s also got a money making idea for the summer 🙂 yayayaya im taking exams next week and that following monday and then I’M FREE! well… you know… i dont have much to type but ever since yesterday i’ve had this strange urge to write! it’s strange because i have absolutely nothing to write about…. eh.. i guess it’s just another one of those phases…. well… i’ve gotta do the dishes but before i go, here the quote of the day:

“Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get, but if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen. ”
Conan O’Brien

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i wouldnt of even found this quote if i wasn in such a rush right now!!! i’ve goot go pee! cyaa!


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Anyways….i’ve nothing to type but for some strange reason i still want to do it….. today was a _________ day because it wasnt bad but it wasnt good either… so yeah…i still keep getting nervous about the whole club thing because i always want to 2nd guess an idea of mine. just thinking about it makes me nervous but yeah i think the reason i’m lacking any enthusiam is because of how freakin’ tired i am!!! i just want to SLEEP!!!! holy crap i’m CRAZY TI(RED) and i still have to do my stupid homework and yes, i tagged that on purpose….even though i’m tired, i think i’m doing extremely well in my classses and stuff of that nature! so yeah

ok my person of the day is……….that amazing guy who’s in sociology class! he’s cool for just being him and being extremely good at it…anywho…bye!

this is what i’ve been seeing…

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even though summer’s been over for two weeks now, it just doesnt seem to phase me! i know it’s school but the feeling’s just not sinking in…strange! ok well not a lot is going on. Everything=whatever but it’s kind of a good thing, strangely enough. i really want to work on my writting skeowls(skills). i just want to be good at something that isn’t playing clarinet which i’m not perfect at anyways! yeah but there are soo many things i want to accomplish but it takes time and effort and blah blah blah! i think it’s a good thing to feel comfortable with school..even though when i’m there i feel kind of awkward, i dont feel as bad about it.  the only effect on me from school is, of course, drowsiness! holy crap am i tired!!! i feel like a zombie or something

…i’m done typing,i’ve got too much work to do! oh yeah and my person of the day….it’s ashanti m. for just being him! yeah majority of people find him annoying but not me!