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ready for sleep

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ok im exhausted! this is all my fault, though…. sooo… i like purposely stay up late because something in the back of my mind keeps making me feel that sleep is a waste of time. UGH! i hate that! i need sleep but im not tired when its time for bed! i feel like falling asleep at any other time that ISNT the time that i should be going to sleep. do you want to know why i never write about anything but my day? ok, i’ll tell you. it’s because i HATE research. i only research things im interested in and its never even enough info to post. but i alway have enough info about my life…. of course. i just need ways to let out what i think and when im not around a pencil and paper, i know i’ve got my own little blog to run to….

 “i’m not sick but im not well and it’s so hot ’cause im in Hell!” -greenday

i’ve seen too much stuff today… too much dark, deep, depressing, and most of all GRAPHIC stuff… i’m all serious now… which is kind of funny because… it’s ironic (to me) but i dont know… *sigh* ok im done with the whole person of the day crap. im moving on to a quote of the day which i just put up here by Greenday. yup! it’s still crap, but more relatable crap and thats truly what matters right now.. besides this stupid i actually am NOT procrastinating on! (1st time since 8th grade)


real life crap

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wow, what a drastic change between yesterday and today! yesterday, i was in a good mood and today, i really dont feel like conversing with anyone let alone look at anyone. it’s not because someone made me mad, it’s because i’m sooo freakin’ exausted….even during practice, i couldnt play my clarinet any louder than how loud i can whistle (which isnt very loud…)  ugh im just in a very BAD mood right now!!!! ugh! you dont understand!!

yeah, be careful..i'm coming, and i'm not in a good mood doing it either...

 and i feel that everyone else knows i’m in a bad mood and they wanna just test it!!!! anyways..

my person of the day is………the girl who helped me study in AP psychology today…yup… ok bye


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Anyways….i’ve nothing to type but for some strange reason i still want to do it….. today was a _________ day because it wasnt bad but it wasnt good either… so yeah…i still keep getting nervous about the whole club thing because i always want to 2nd guess an idea of mine. just thinking about it makes me nervous but yeah i think the reason i’m lacking any enthusiam is because of how freakin’ tired i am!!! i just want to SLEEP!!!! holy crap i’m CRAZY TI(RED) and i still have to do my stupid homework and yes, i tagged that on purpose….even though i’m tired, i think i’m doing extremely well in my classses and stuff of that nature! so yeah

ok my person of the day is……….that amazing guy who’s in sociology class! he’s cool for just being him and being extremely good at it…anywho…bye!