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Absolutely nowhere

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You know, some of the strangest things happen out of nowhere.

Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve been taking a writing class and I’ve learned a lot. I’m bringing this up because the semester is almost over and when it ends so will my creative writing class… But yeah, I’m really glad i took that class because I’ve been able to really do things and figure out what it is I’m good at in terms of writing. It doesn’t seem like I’m a writer because of this blog but i really am, I just don’t do it here because I’m Mrs.McLazy but when I’ve got an actual pencil and paper, I go all out. Anywho, what I’m trying to say is, I’m going to miss my creative writing class and all the different sorts of inspiration it provided me with 🙂

Sorry, this post had like NOTHING to do with the first sentence.



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Winter break ended yesterday but for my family it ended today and boy am I tired as crap! We partied, watched movies, and laughed till we cried and I’m so glad I was able to just be there! School started today but I didn’t go ’cause we were driving home and now we’re finally back home! I just want to take a nap and then sleep some more. But whatever I’m just glad everyone had a good time because I sure did.

P.s. I saw the muppets movie and it was AMAZING!

ready for sleep

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ok im exhausted! this is all my fault, though…. sooo… i like purposely stay up late because something in the back of my mind keeps making me feel that sleep is a waste of time. UGH! i hate that! i need sleep but im not tired when its time for bed! i feel like falling asleep at any other time that ISNT the time that i should be going to sleep. do you want to know why i never write about anything but my day? ok, i’ll tell you. it’s because i HATE research. i only research things im interested in and its never even enough info to post. but i alway have enough info about my life…. of course. i just need ways to let out what i think and when im not around a pencil and paper, i know i’ve got my own little blog to run to….

 “i’m not sick but im not well and it’s so hot ’cause im in Hell!” -greenday

i’ve seen too much stuff today… too much dark, deep, depressing, and most of all GRAPHIC stuff… i’m all serious now… which is kind of funny because… it’s ironic (to me) but i dont know… *sigh* ok im done with the whole person of the day crap. im moving on to a quote of the day which i just put up here by Greenday. yup! it’s still crap, but more relatable crap and thats truly what matters right now.. besides this stupid i actually am NOT procrastinating on! (1st time since 8th grade)

when the strange meets normalcy

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*don't hate* haha!

ok ok here we go… its tuesday and im pretty sure im having a good day. i mean, it really couldve gone worse. today is one of those days that wont stay in my memory when im older. i know this because, i’ve forgotten majority of my day already and i’m still living it!

i know this is kind of weird but ive planned out what questions i’d ask Leonardo Dicaprio if i ever met him or something… yes its a weird thing to plan, but it was just something to think about! and besides, putting this in the post gave me reason to put up a picture of him! yeah…

but besides that, im excited for prom even though i know i shouldnt get my hopes up too high, but i really like jeremy and we always have a good time when we hang, its just this time i’ll be all dolled up and pretty-fied and he’ll be all dressed up and hansom-fied! haha!

any who… i think i know what college i def. want to go to, the problem is… they have high ass standards and prices… and im sure im either average or .1% bellow.. er maybe a little more *sigh* i hate how hard it is to really do what you  want! luckily today, ive been working and really getting things done like forreally! oh yeah and i got a 90% on my A.P. psych test!!!! im just getting better and better!

and on another note, ive been really getting a bit brave with my clothing choices. this literally means no jackets and more sandals… i know, it’s sad… but im taking baby steps so give me some time! ok lemme stop rambling and tell you my person of the day! and it iiiiissssss…. Aubrey b.! because i didnt get annoyed of you today lol just kidding! ok see ya

just so i could add this

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well though my temporary and almost non-existant ADD is kicking in severely, ive gotten the urge to find this  jim carrey thing ( you have to click on it to watch it)….. but besides that, i have nothin that i feel like talking about… good night!

black swan parody

i love jim carrey! he's so freakin' FUNNY!

trapped in the present

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A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

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i’m so bored with EVERYTHING! nothing is amazing anymore!i just want to go try something different, something that will cure me of my misfortune! but i cant because i’m TRAPPED in the present! why cant i just go to the future for a week or so…..i dont know what i’m saying… right now i’m just ready for dinner! did you know that it takes your stomache 20mins. to tell you’re brain that you’re full!? I knew i was a slow eater for a good reason.

today i took three test..did i pass them? well i dont know! but i tried my best and apparently that counts…i’m sorry…i’m just soooooooo FREKIN’ HUNGRY it’s not even funny, like fo-rizzle! i can barely even focus on what i’m typing but i do know that i’m typing something…in the book i’m reading, thomas(oskar’s grandpa) is telling the story of his life with anna’s sister (oskar’s grandma) and how she wrote her whole lifes story, describing everything and everyone she could remember which was A LOT and it turned out to be probably a thousand pages!…..but they were all blank… interesting, no?! oh looky!!! dinners ready!!! YAAAYYYY!!!  i gotta go but one more thing…

my person of the day is………quinn h.!!! my wife! ha ha she’s not really my wife, it’s one of those stupid jokes people go along with in highschool….anywho, she’s the person of the day because she gave me a brownie at lunch today..yummmmm ok cya gotat go eat some FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!